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Chris Clearfield

CNBC - Squawk Box

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 Chris is the founder of Clearfield Group, an independent research and consulting firm focusing on the challenges posed by risk and complexity. He previously worked as a derivatives trader at Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm, in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, where he analyzed and devised mitigations for the financial and regulatory risks inherent in the business of technologically complex high-speed trading. He has written about catastrophic failure, technology, and finance for The Guardian, Forbes, the Harvard Kennedy School Review, the popular science magazine Nautilus, and the Harvard Business Review blog. Chris holds an A.B. from Harvard College, where he studied physics and biology. Previously, as a high school student, he discovered a spinning neutron star with two of his peers using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. A licensed commercial pilot, Chris lives in Seattle, Washington.

Global News - The Morning Show

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